Wednesday 5 April 2023

"Absurdity, n.: A statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion" Ambrose Bierce

 I thought , when I'd finished the Blog I would reorder it so it reads like a book, starting at the page 1. After much searching I have discovered, however, that it is not possible to do this easily. Should anyone else find this absurdity as irritating as I do then I apologise. In this post truth world we make our own sense of what is laid in front of us, I hope you can make sense of this Blog and, if it is enjoyable or helpful to anyone, then it's a bonus. I've loved writing it and, by the way, I did finish the last bit of painting.

Thursday 8 December 2022

"Wherever you get to is better than where you started. To stay on the road is a massive achievement" Anthony Joshua

There now remains just one small section of plasterboard to be painted. It's on the transom  between the studio and the dining room and is the last piece of the mammoth renovation jigsaw which has been a major part my life for the last eight years. I have the paint and it would probably take me about 30 seconds to complete, but there's a big part of me which wants to leave it undone. There's something scary about saying "I've finished"  and I want to hold onto the moment. I don't want this mad journey to end, I have enjoyed every challenge, every hurdle and every success that this old house has presented me with. It may not be perfect, but it's my not perfect. 

I'm going to close the blog with a series of pictures which I hope will tell the story to this point on the road. With reference to the title of this entry, it's definitely better than where I started and I think sticking with it to the end has been the most massive achievement for a dillitante like myself.

In no particular order:

The kitchen

became this

The vast open space which was this

Became this

Dining room


Utility room and Hall


became this

Visiting Ministers' room

became this

The master bedroom aka temporary living/kitchen/diner

became this

Top floor



to this

and finally this

to this

so that's it, not quite finished but there you go. On to the next eight years!